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An Adams county cougar pic?
Mar 27 2011, 12:48 AM EDT | Post edited: Mar 27 2011, 12:48 AM EDT

I haven't as yet tracked down any internet reference to the cougar which OMLW has reported as being shot in the Adams/Brown area this past hunting season by a tree stand hunter, but in looking for info on that, found the following reference


to two cougar trail camera photos purportedly taken in Adams county in 2008. When one disentangles the image reference given at the beginning of this web page, and uses the following link


quite an interesting critter comes into view. The tail has a rather odd truncated look, probably due to the puzzling lighting in the photo, but I don't think anyone will look at this without immediately saying "mountain lion".
This image was probably made from the scan of a print, as one can see a white uneven border around the image, indicating the original print was not perfectly aligned on the scanning surface.

In another posting to a different thread on this same site,


there's mention of a second cougar photo taken at this same location, same time frame, but, drat it, can't find that one.

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1. RE: An Adams county cougar pic?
Apr 1 2011, 5:54 AM EDT | Post edited: Apr 1 2011, 5:54 AM EDT
Hi SBC ... This report reference the hunter shooting a cat that came up a tree towards him I can neither confirm or deny. it was told in confidence and not reported to the DNR or any other state agency or media outlet. Many people encounter mountain lions but for whatever reason choose to not report the event. OMLW Do you find this valuable?    
2. RE: An Adams county cougar pic?
Apr 2 2011, 1:13 AM EDT | Post edited: Apr 2 2011, 1:13 AM EDT
Thanks, responseman. If I seem a little fixated on this, as I've said before, since I live in the Adams/Brown area, I'm a slightly concerned about what might be waiting for me when I walk in our local woods (other than the local marijuana growers and amateur meth lab chemists)
Undoubtedly the incident you described could have happened, and the individual involved chose to keep it quiet for any number of reasons.
Don't know if this pic I turned up could have been the cat involved in the possible kill, but it could be a piece of supporting evidence for the story, in that if the pic is valid, there was one at least anomalous feline roaming Adams county in 2008.
Are there any more details about the cat shooting you can share here? Was it done with a gun, crossbow, or regular bow. Since a pic was reportedly taken, it's implied that the cat was killed, and photographed post mortem, unless the shooter had weapon in one hand and camera in the other, while the cat was coming up the tree, or he was calmly filming while the cat was making up its mind to climb the tree. Adams/Brown covers a pretty wide swath of territory.
Did this happen in east Adams towards the Shawnee state forest, around central Brown, where the escaped cougar occurred last year? Roughly when did this occur? Dec, Jan, ?
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3. RE: An Adams county cougar pic?
Apr 2 2011, 1:15 AM EDT | Post edited: Apr 2 2011, 1:15 AM EDT
Incidentally , don't know if the trail cam pic I posted here could have anything to do with the pic mentioned by boergoat. I've seen a reference last year on either this or another Ohio archery forum, to a pic taken on “the Adams/Brown county line” by a lady archer. And this past summer in a passing conversation I got a possible name to associate with this possible photo.
Would like to see that if it ever surfaces, but for now what I've found here will have to suffice.
If you followed the discussion on the website link I posted, the guy who supposedly got the trail cam pic had mentioned it to ODNR, but they were strangely disinterested in his report, as well as those of others who had seen the cat.
He also mentions that the local deer got spooked and disappeared for about week both times when kitty posed for his pic.
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