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North American Cougar !If you see a mountain lion! Report the mountain lion!
The authorities do not have the time or resources to track and capture cougars, mountain lions and many other exotic animals that we may encounter.
E mail us at wd41452@gmail.com
Twitter us #ohiomountainlionwatch

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"Thank You" to Bill Reichling and John Lutz for their combined 80 years of research of mountain lions and panthers in the Eastern and Midwest US.

The Ohio Mountain Lion Watch is featured in the "Cincinnati Magazine" April 2013 edition. Please check it out!

UPDATED TODAY 8- 25 - 13
8- 22-13 A approximate 120 lb cat observed on Route 4 near the Butler County and Montgomery County line.
8-18-13 2 Separate cougar sightings in Harrison, Ohio. Mt. Hope Rd and Brooks Rd.
7-15-13 Cougar seen on Private Property in Goshen Township in Northern Clermont County, ODNR were contacted and they are investigating.
4-28-13 Dayton Daily News media reported that a man observed a huge cat on his property in Warren County, Ohio. Sheriff's Dept responded.
4-26-13 Mountain Lion observed in Liberty Township near Milliken and Rt 747.
4-22-13 Mountain Lion reported in a field on I-71 North by Lebanon, Ohio
4-13-13 A man cutting grass in South Point, Ohio on McKee Ratliff Rd off Lick Rd. by Route 52 observed a huge mountain lion coming out of wooded area.
4-9-13 Cougar sighting report from Clinton County, Ohio
4-4-13 Mountain lion sightings recently in the Cincinnati; Ohio area in Indian Hill, Sharon Woods area, Bridgetown Road in the NeumannGolf course area.
2-4-13 Mountain Lion reported in Chillicothe, Ohio by 3 people in a vehicle.
Mountain Lion Sightings Reported in June and July of 2012 June 2 ... Garretsville Ohio in Portage County. June 6th ... SW Stark County, Ohio on Alabama Ave June 9th ... Young cougar hit by a vehicle on I-275 + 471 N Bridge area. Missed a Report on April 28th on Everett Rd near Riverview Rd. In Peninsula, Ohio. June 16th ... Large Black Cat observed in Trenton, Ohio April 28th Trail Cam Photo of a large Mountain Lion in Ross Township, Ohio ... Columbus, Ohio Rt 70 just before Rt 270 on the West side ... June 15th... Butler County, Ohio sighting ... June 21st ... Independence, Ohio Sighting ... June 22nd Sub Adult Black Panther in Yellow Creek , Wellsville, Ohio ... June 24th Treat Rd in Aurora, Indiana close to Rt 306. ... June 25th Just south of Elyria , Ohio sighting reported ... June 26th ... Miami Whitewater Forest had several sightings in the Park area. ... May 7th Caeser Creek, Ohio area just south of Xenia, Ohio ... July 3rd Lyndhurst, Ohio close to Euclid Creek Park ... July 25, 2012 Large Black cat reported in Wayne National Forest, Possible Leopard or melanistic Cougar. July 26th Large mountain lion sighted on Hampshire Bvld and Allen Rd in Stow, Ohio July 29, 2012 .. Mountain lion reported on 35 W. just outside of Richmond Dale. July 31, 2012 Cougar reported near the Summit and Portage county line ... Police were contacted.
August 1, 2012 A large mountain lion was reported in the Delhi, Ohio and Green Township, Ohio area at Ebenezer and Muddy Creek ... A formal report was made to the State of Ohio DNR. August 2, 2012 ... A sub adult Black leopard was reported in Yellow Creek Wellsville Ohio.
Aug 2, 2012 In North Canton, Ohio Police responded to numerous mountain lion sighting reports and warned citizens reference the sightings.
August 3, 2012 ... A property owner reported that he had lost around 20 animals to a large cougar near Canton, Ohio and that he had contacted the State DNR agency.
August 5 ... Big cat reported by vacationers in the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania.
August 9 2012 A large tawny cat reported on Poor House Rd just outside of Rising Sun Indiana. Casinos ?? Related?? True story Today August 25th a wild mountain lion was shot with a tranquillizer gun when it attempted to enter the Harrah Casino area in Reno, Nevada. Police were holding the animal until they could release it back into the mountains per the Las Vegas Review - Journal. Wow!!
Aug 11, 2012 Several people in Loveland, Ohio were on their home patio at night when they heard a deep Leopard like growl close to the patio. All scampered into the house frightened. Police were contacted and the OMLW did a investigation around their property but did not find any evidence of a large cat. August 16, 2012 ... A Price Hill, / Cincinnati, Ohio resident reported seeing a possible mountain lion on the fringe of their property. This person has a degree in Zoology and works closely with the Ohio Mountain Lion Watch.
Aug 24 ... A large Cougar reported on Lancaster Rd. between I - 70 and SR 16 in a field.
August 25, 2012 ... Several people observed a mountain lion on private property in Gallipolis, Ohio close to 787 and State Rt 588... Law enforcement were contacted.
Sep 21, 2012 ..Cougar sighted in Salesville, Ohio off State RT. 761
Sept 21, .. Mountain Lion seen in Garrettsville, Ohio
Nov 15, 2012 Mountain Lion reported in Ravenna, Ohio at a Midway Drive by the theater
Dec 1, 2012 .. 2 young sub adult cougars spotted together on Chambersburg Rd near Rt 4 by the Huffman Dam.

June 1, 2012 Mountain lion seen in Jackson, Ohio on US 35 off Broadway exit.

May 22, 2012 Huge Black Panther photographed in Fremont , Ohio May 21,2012 Mountain lion observed in Toledo, Oh area.
May 20,2012 Mountain Lion seen in Solon, Oh on Richmond Rd.
May 17,2012 Cougar seen in Rome, Ohio Route 45.

May 14, 2012 Cougar reported near Findley, Ohio dragging road kill near County Rd 54.

5-10-12 OMLW received a call from the Toledo, Ohio area reference a huge cat on private property near a local park
5-6-12 OMLW received another Cougar report from Hillsboro, Ohio near Shaw Rd. on Private property.
5-6-12 A mountain lion was observed in Miamisburg, Ohio
5-4-12 A " Huge" Black Panther / Mountain Lion walked up a driveway in Huron , Ohio.
5-2-12 2 men observed a mountain lion in Canal Fulton, Ohio
4-27-12 The OMLW just received a phone call from a lady in Bethel, Ohio reference a huge mountain Lion that has been observed on 3 occasions by several people in that area. The Game Warden was contacted along with the Georgetown Police Department.
4-26-12 A man and his wife were walking in Seven Hills in Parma, Ohio when they spotted a mountain lion nearby.
4-24-12 A lady observed a huge tan mountain lion that was much larger than her 160 lb Bull Mastiff dog on West Bath Rd. in Bath, Ohio
4-23-12 Two large cougars were reported to us by a lady from Richmond, Ohio. One of the cats was larger in size than the other which indicates a probable
male / female or mother / sibling pair of cats.
4-20-12 A OMLW associate reported that a friend of his in Clarksville, Tennessee snapped a photo of a huge cat in that area in 2010.
4-20-12 A ML sighting occurred on Rt 303 Eastbound in the Richfield, Ohio area from 3 years as was reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
4-19-12 A semi Truck driver observed a huge cat along the highway on I - 70 between Pataskala, Oh and close to Pickerington, Oh.
4-17-12 Sighting between St. Henry and Ft. Recovery, Ohio on 119.
4-12-12 Another sighting in Pataskala, Ohio.
4-11-12 A Mountain Lion sighting was reported to the OMLW on Enright St. in Cincinnati, Ohio. The reporter has a degree in Zoology and is from Boulder, Colorado and has a lot of experience viewing and knowing about the Mountain Lion species.
4-10-12 A Mountain Lion sighting on Albon Rd. in Holland, Ohio.
4-8-12 A couple driving on I-77 N 20 miles south of Canton, Ohio watched a large cougar cross in front of them and when they slowed down to look at it the big cat slowed down itself to stare at them.
3-29-12 We received a mountain lion sighting from
Oregon, Ohio in northeastern Ohio near Maumee,Bay State Park.
3-25-12 OMLW Received a call from Hillsboro, Ohio reporting a large tan cat sighting close to Shaw Rd.
3-21-12 ... 4 mountain lion sightings have been reported in the Oregonia, Ohio area.
3-20-12 A police officer reportedly pulled a vehicle over in Miamisburg, Ohio at 145 am only to see a huge black panther cross the road in front of him on Maue Rd. and the
intersection of Alexandersville,Rd. by State Rt 725
3-19-12 Large black cat seen in Stow/ Kent Ohio.
3-11-12 Several large cats seen in Knox, Ohio by residents recently.
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